Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Who's bankrolling our enemies? Our own worst enemy!

A US court has upheld a ruling ordering the Palestinian Authority and the Palestine Liberation Organization to pay $116m. to the family of Yaron Ungar, a terror victim with US citizenship, reports the Jerusalem Post.

But even assuming the Ungars manage to collect on this judgment, where will the money really be coming from? As Post columnist Caroline Glick noted last Friday, quoting Shin Bet chief Avi Dichter:

Dichter stated that Israel is the largest contributor to the Palestinian Authority's budget. Israel gives the PA one billion dollars a year. This comprises 45 percent of the PA's total budget. "There is no oversight [to ensure] that each and every dollar Israel transfers doesn't go to funding terror," Dichter said. He added that Arafat's office receives a budget of roughly nine million dollars and, the director of the Shin Bet noted, "I cannot promise that at the margins the money doesn't go to finance Fatah/Tanzim terrorists."

(And who's defending the PA? Former US attorney general Ramsey Clark, of course.)

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