Tuesday, September 21, 2004

What's Arabic for "Infield Fly Rule"?

It was a perfect evening for baseball. Parents crunched pistachios to the ding of aluminum bats. Soldiers from the Hawaii-based 25th Infantry Division's 2nd Brigade stood guard at the soccer field-turned-baseball diamond, with a Humvee parked at each outfield foul pole and another sitting just beyond the center field fence.

The children — Kurds, Turkomen and one Arab — belted line drives, scooped up grounders — and booted a few, too. Parents cheered as their boys chased down fly balls and hurled them home, where overzealous runners were tagged out.

Who says the U.S. hasn't improved the quality of life in Iraq?

With the final out on opening day, Diller, the winning pitcher, and his teammates ran off the field, their arms in the air, shouting "Nawruz, Nawruz!"

"I like this game. It's better than soccer," he said.

Hear, hear! When can we expect a road trip to Israel?

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