Thursday, January 06, 2005

Where do you look when you're in an elevator?

Do you stare straight ahead at the doors? Down at your feet? At someone else's feet? Let your eyes wander around the walls, searching for something to read?

Do you make eye contact with other passengers or avoid it? Do you talk to them or keep quiet? Does it matter if you know them?

Do you keep your arms at your sides or folded in front of you?

Do you shift uncomfortably waiting to reach your floor?

Is your behavior any different on a subway train? In a waiting room?

Do your answers signify anything deeper about you? Or am I wasting your time even asking?


Jack said...

It is a good question and one I have asked myself. The answer for me all depends on my mood. Sometimes I will stare at the people around me, sometimes I will retreat into my own world.

If I know the people in there it is not uncommon to continue conversation, but I do try not to be as loud so as to provide some peace and space to those around me.

the reinvention. said...

very nice blog! ;)

Zman Biur said...


Thanks for the thoughts.


A pleasure to be of service!