Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Klezmatics interviewed

Ben Bresky of Israel National Radio interviews trumpeter/composer Frank London of The Klezmatics this week on his hour-long show, The Beat with Ben Bresky.

The Klezmatics toured Israel over Pesach with Israeli musician Ehud Banai; I attended one of their energetic concerts over Chol Hamoed.

The interview includes in-depth discussion of the difference between American and Israeli klezmer, the definition of Jewish music, and their recent albums and collaborations. Aside from assorted Klezmatics pieces, the playlist includes Banai's Hebrewman and a back-to-back play of Mordechai Ben David's Yidden and the Eurovision hit whose melody it rips off.

Listen to the stream or download it before it disappears (especially if you don't listen to recorded music during the Omer).

Hat tip: Blog in Dm.

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Batya said...

Too bad I missed it.