Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Mysterious creatures in the synagogue

Rabbi Aaron Abadi describes several creatures often observed during davening, including the Bee, the Helicopter, the Concord and the Chinese Lecturer.


Batya said...

In my little corner by the wall I rarely see anyone, except an occassional arms out during part of the 18, like a (excuse me) cross. But what bothers me are the sudden claps which destroy my concentration, or the ones who to their own rhythm try to drown out the "chazan." Also the "creative" synchopation, or however it's spelled. Those who insist on a beat all their own, and sometimes more than one individualist.

Cosmic X said...

What happened to Zman Biur? Is he in administrative detention?

Zman Biur said...


No, just busy with more important things. And sick for a few days. Yesterday I stopped by the side of the highway for a bout of upchucking. (Yechh!)

Once I get other priorities in shape, I'll be back.

Cosmic X said...

Refuah Sheima!

Looking forward to some new posts.