Sunday, August 28, 2005

American Zionist trivia questions

1. What Israeli village is named for an American Secretary of the Treasury?

2. What large Israeli city is named for an American-Jewish philanthropist?

3. What Israeli village is named after a major American city?

4. How many prime ministers of Israel were born in the United States?

Update: Solutions can be found in the comments.


Avi said...

4. none but Golda Meir and Netanyahu grew up in the US for a significant part of their youth.

NG said...

3. Mei Ami

Zman Biur said...

Am Echad,

4. Correct.


3. Correct. Named, of course, for Miami, whose Jewish community contributed greatly to its founding.

Any takers for 1 and 2?

jlmkobi said...

i was always told that kiryat mlachi was named for los angeles.
yitzchak rabin's father was a us citizen.
kfar warburg - wasn't warburg the sec of treasury. is there some place named for morgenthau.

Zman Biur said...


You're right about Kiryat Malachi - thanks for teaching me something.

I didn't know about Rabin's father.

Warburg? Apparently not. You may be onto something with Morgenthau, though...

Zman Biur said...

All right, the solutions:

1. Tal Shachar, named for Henry Morgenthau. "Morgenthau" means "morning dew," as does "tal shachar".

Morgenthau was a prominent Zionist.

2. Netanya, named for Nathan Strauss. Strauss is also honored with a street name in central Jerusalem - Strauss St. is the continuation of King George St. across Jaffa Road.

3. and 4. were answered in previous comments.