Friday, August 12, 2005

IRIS finally breaks into blogging

Information Regarding Israel's Security (IRIS) was one of the first grassroots organizations to distribute electronic updates on news from Israel to recipients around the world. Launched in 1993 via fax and e-mail, IRIS begin with a series of PLO quote sheets and progressed from there to news briefs and occasional essays.

The website followed shortly thereafter, and over the years IRIS has developed a permanent collection of resources which are hard to locate elsewhere. Most noticeable are the maps of Israel's security situation, Israel's comparative size, and the (over-) generous territorial offers Prime Minister Ehud Barak made in 2000. Also available is a set of background documents on the PLO, including its infamous charter and phased plan.

IRIS has been largely dormant for the past five years, leaving some of its material unfortunately out of date. In anticipation of the imminent implementation of disengagement, however, the IRIS staff have finally gotten their act together. This time, naturally, the medium is the blog.

The IRIS blog, edited by former Israeli radio host Barak Moore (no relation to Ehud Barak!), is now live with frequent updates. For a site on Israeli security, the subject matter is unexpectedly diverse.

Welcome, Barak, to the miniverse of anti-disengagement bloggers. Have you been introduced to EFSI?


Soccer Dad said...

So this is the famous Barak Moore who is featured nearly daily in "Best of the Web Today?"

Zman Biur said...

How many Barak Moores can there be?

Zman Biur said...


I repeat: How many Barak Moores can there be?

BTW: How do you like my choice of colors?

Zman Biur said...


I deleted your comment by request of Barak Moore, who wishes to maintain a degree of privacy. I hope you understand.