Sunday, September 11, 2005

The weirdness of a social pseudoblogger

As I note on my sidebar, I'm socially acquainted (to varying degrees of closeness) with a handful of fellow bloggers who, unlike me, blog without the cover of anonymity.

Naturally, I attend the occasional social event - bar mitzvahs, weddings, public lectures - and occasionally on such occasions I find myself chatting with someone I know as a blogger. As a pseudonymous blogger myself (a "pseudoblogger", maybe?), I don't let on that I have an alter ego, that I am the one behind Biur Chametz. I avoid commenting on his or her blog, or even indicating that I've heard of it. I maintain the conversation without so much as a reference to blogs.

I have to catch myself at times, to avoid remarks like, "Oh yes, you wrote about that last week, didn't you?" Or "I appreciated that comment you left at my site the other day." (Yes, some people do leave comments here. And yes, I've run into some of the commenters socially.)

It's a bit like I describe here (second item), except then I was wary of being found out unexpectedly. Socializing with people I know are bloggers - and even my own readers - increases the weirdness factor further.

Fortunately there aren't that many such people...


Batya said...

It's ok to hide your identity. But you're a real blogger, named or not, not a pseudo one. How about calling yourself a "nom de plogger?"

Zman Biur said...