Thursday, December 22, 2005

Let the campaigns begin

With elections approaching, I'd like to offer each of the parties a winning slogan or theme. No need to thank me, just make out your checks to cash.

Without further ado:

Rockets on Ashkelon. Bombs in Netanya. Weapons smuggling in Gaza. A terror state in the making, right on our doorstep. With the success of disengagement echoing through Sderot, Israel needs a strong leader who will never give in to terrorism: Ariel Sharon.

Netanyahu: Not as bad as Sharon. Not as bad as Peretz. Not as bad as you remember him.

Vote for us or Amir's friends will shut off your electricity.

We have no choice; Israel must negotiate with Arafat.

Will somebody please vote for us? Mom?

National Religious Party
You don't have to be nationalist or religious, you just have to love to party!

National Union
Seven Knesset members, eight factions.

Agudath Yisrael
Best beards on the ballot!

We're a communist party, not an Arab party, insh'allah

United Arab List
The only Arab party except for all the others

Update: How could I have forgotten about...
Let Rav Ovadiah do your thinking for you.


Mike Miller said...

"Rockets on Ashkelon. Bombs in Netanya. Weapons smuggling in Gaza." Sounds like a slogan for Hamas.

I suppose "Go straight to Jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200," is not available...

Jack said...

And to think I thought you were talking about the JIB awards. Talk about misleading. Geeze.

Soccer Dad said...


Zman Biur said...


Anything's available. This is politics we're talking about!


The what? Oh yeah, those. Guess I've been busy working...


Oops! How could I forget Shas! Omission hereby rectified.

Soccer Dad said...

My faith in humanity is hereby restored!

brother esav said...

hah awesome!