Monday, February 19, 2007

McCain casts aside an age-old tradition

I don't have strong feelings about John McCain or his candidacy for the Republican nomination. But I have to comment about his website.

McCain has long been trying to position himself as an unconventional Republican candidate, which is fair enough. So his team has designed a somewhat unconventional website, which you may or may not care for. (Personally, I don't see the point of campaign websites, however designed.)

What irks me is the description. Both the home page and the press release call the site "a departure from the traditional campaign website".


The web has been around for under fifteen years. The first campaign websites were probably online in 1996 at the earliest. Ten years of graphic design fashion - is that what passes for a tradition these days? And for a Republican presidential candidate, no less?

I'm not sure campaign websites have been all that similar to begin with, or, if they have, that McCain's is all that different from them. I might be willing to grant him "unconventional". But "a departure from the traditional campaign website"? Please.


Soccer Dad said...

not quite the departure from tradition you were referring to.

Zman Biur said...

Actually, that's where I heard about his website. But I find the allegations so absurd that I didn't see any point in commenting on them. The radical left thinks everyone right of center is a secret fascist.

Daniel Q Blog said...

John McCain is going to get his butt handed to him if he wins the primary. I just look at the Republican candidates, and see them in November after a nice whooping giving some blah concession speech...becoming a fact in a history book. These kind of moves are laughable.

On the need to "break with tradition", America has gotten to a point where it likes to break with tradition before it has even been formed. Which is more serious to its survival on a larger scale, but that's not the topic...


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