Thursday, November 25, 2004

Locusts, yum! - IV

The locusts go marching one million by one million, hurrah, hurrah!

The locusts have reached as far north as Ein Gedi, and they're feeding and possibly breeding. The Agriculture Ministry is spraying, but with limited success. The fear is that they'll find their way towards central Israel before the cold and rain deter them.

Meanwhile, "The ministry announced Wednesday night that it has coordinated with the Civil Administration to transfer 200 kg. of insecticides to the Palestinian Authority." Suddenly they expect the Palestinians to start controlling their vermin?

At work the other day, I asked the mashgiach in the cafeteria (we have such things in Israel). He's Yemenite, and he reminisced fondly of his childhood. Locusts were delicious, he said. He didn't suggest introducing them to the cafeteria's menu, though.

Maybe we'll visit the Dead Sea resort tomorrow for a snack? (I, II, III)

Update (2:30pm): Latest reports include locust sightings in the Golan, Galilee and Rishon Lezion!


Soccer Dad said...

Though Cicadas aren't locusts, you might want to try some of these recipes: Here (at the bottom) and here for example, and subsitute locusts for cicadas. I assume that they have similar consistencies. :-) Yum.

G Green said...

I hope to be in in The Holy Land - Jerusalem this week. Is there anywhere I can get some kosher locusts?!
Seriously though, I havent been for a while and havent much planned, what do you suggest I do?

Posted by G Green.

Zman Biur said...

No, cicadas certainly aren't locusts, and certainly aren't kosher either, but I imagine the same recipes might be applicable.

GG: Welcome! Enjoy your stay. It's supposed to warm up this week, so you should have a pleasant change from London.

What to do? I think I'll start a new posting for this topic!