Sunday, November 28, 2004

Welcome to the Styx

Thanks to Life in the Styx for linking to my discussion of whether or not to rejoice over Arafat's death.

Styx's angle was a bit different from mine. He addressed the question of whether or not to omit Tachanun on the day of Arafat's death. Styx is the Orthodox rabbi of an American congregation, and he ruled that Tachanun should be omitted, as it is on many days of mild joy, and that appropriate chapters of Tehilim should be recited.

On an unrelated note: Styx doesn't seem to realize that we're actually friends. We've known each other for years. I know who he is; he apparently doesn't know who I am, and refers to me as "some blogger"! I won't reveal his name here, though I gather he isn't deliberately blogging anonymously. He probably just forgot to identify himself on his site.

Finally, as a caution to readers, let me paraphrase him:

DO NOT BE FOOLED - his blog "Life in the Styx" looks exactly like mine.

But I have no intention of changing my template. I like the shades of orange; they go with the "Biur Chametz" theme.

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