Monday, December 27, 2004

International e-mail trivia quiz in aid of Ray Fisher's cancer treatment

Please set aside the evening of January 15 (Israel time) for a good cause and a good time.

Ray Fisher, born in Leeds, England, is a travel agent in Ramat Hasharon. He's the National Vice-Chairman of Hitachdut Olei Britannia (Association of British Immigrants) and the past president of the Israel Rugby Union.

Ray has recently been diagnosed with brain cancer. The recommended treatments are not covered by Israel's national health service.

Friends of Ray have organized an e-mail trivia contest to raise funds for Ray's treatment. The idea is to gather a team of at least ten players in your home, collectively donating 500 shekels ($120 US / 80 UK pounds), to compete against other teams by e-mail.

For more information or to register a team, contact or I'm not involved with the project; just a concerned friend of Ray.

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