Thursday, January 27, 2005

We can try to understand the Bee Gees

If you've ever tried singing along to the falsetto squeals of disco hit Stayin' Alive, you may have wondered what the lyrics actually are.

In the innocent summer days of 2001, this was the pressing topic occupying CBC Radio's show As It Happens. Listeners were asked for the last line of the chorus:

You know it's all right. It's OK.

I'll live to see another day.

We can try to understand...


You can hear their suggestions and the correct answer in this RealAudio clip. As a bonus, catch a Stayin' Alive parody at the 4:53 mark.

For more details, see here (after you listen!).

What those lyrics mean is a far greater mystery....

Update (31 Jan.): Thanks to Reb Yudel for digging up the Bee Gees' Israel connection. Who knew?


Ron Coleman said...

I had it pretty close for the last 25 years. I thought it was "the New York Times Ascent of Man" (after the old Jacob Bronowski project).

Jack said...

You can tell by the way I use my walk that I am woman's man, no time to talk. ;)

Soccer Dad said...

I cheated.
Maybe it's a reference to Elton John's "Levon?"