Tuesday, March 15, 2005

But why was the statue in a tyre?

Daily Star (Lebanon):
Second attack destroys statue of Hafez Assad in Tyre
The president of the Committee for Immortalizing Martyr Hafez Assad, Hussein Dakhlallah, accused the Israelis of perpetrating the attack.

"Dirty Israeli hands attacked the statue and those hands will be cut off for committing this stupid act," he said.

No word on whether they suspect any of the anti-disengagement protestors who blocked Israel's vital Ayalon Highway yesterday by burning tyres.

Incidentally, if Hafez Assad is a martyr, does that mean they think Israelis killed him too?

Of course, we'll know things have really changed the day we see statues of Assad coming down in Syria. (Bimhera biyamenu.)

And before you Americans pick on my spelling, be aware that it's correct in British English!

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