Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Waving to Daf Yomi

Don't be fooled by the sidebar: "What I'm learning - BT Berachot 22b".

No, I'm not learning Daf Yomi. Daf Yomi's just caught up with me.

I've been learning Berachot since August. Lately, I've been on the same page for way too long.

Meanwhile, Daf Yomi has just come around for another lap, zoomed into Berachot, and before I blink will have overtaken me in the passing lane.

All I can do is wave at it from the window. And keep driving in the slow lane.

It won't take any notice of me, though. Big shot in its fast car!

1 comment:

shanna said...

Driving like that will get you killed some day! Damn kids.