Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Addicted to not blogging

It's easy to become addicted to blogging. Has anyone measured the dose of adrenaline produced by one more post, one more comment, one more referral? I don't expect hundreds of thousands of hits anytime soon, but, as with anything in life, I take satisfaction from my accomplishments regardless of how I compare with others.

Lately, though, I've encountered the reverse phenomenon. I've become addicted to not blogging.

It started with an unplanned confluence of events. Crunch time at work. Then a series of minor colds and ailments which served to keep me in bed, while only aggravating the office crunch.

Meanwhile, in anticipation of an increasingly-imminent occasion, my wife and I have been frantically engaged in preemptive shopping, reading and consultation on matters related to childbirth. When it comes to doctors, we prefer to deal from a position of strength. We like to know as much or more about a subject as they do before entrusting ourselves to their care. How hard can it be anyway?

Suddenly I found I didn't have time to read the blogs every day, let alone write anything myself. Before long I stopped thinking obsessively about posting topics. I no longer kept a stack of posting ideas in my head, or in a handy computer file. I started getting work done. I became increasingly expert on matters related to midwifery.

Most surprisingly, though, I lost that blogging urge. That constant itch to bang out a new post. That need to refresh the hit counter. That eagerness to see what comments I've provoked (usually none...).

Each time I thought about posting, I thought twice. Why bother? What do I need it for? I'm happy just the way I am, Mister Rogers. I dare say I got a certain high from the "act" of not blogging, a certain rush every time I didn't surf to

Believe it or not, I even failed to note my first blogoversary. I just forgot all about it. Really.

I'm even having the hardest time typing this post. I feel the weight of weeks of not blogging on my shoulders.

Inertia works both ways. A moving body is hard to stop, and a stopped one is hard to move.

I don't know how long I'll stay addicted to not blogging. Consider yourself warned.


Cosmic X said...

1) Not blogging: a healthy addiction!

2) Sheyihye beshaa tova!

AbbaGav said...

B'shaa Tovah, and maybe you could try getting addicted to occasionally blogging.

Daniel Greenfield @ the Sultan Knish blog said...

yes I'm finding that my own blogging is slowing down now that I've gotten a few months into blogging

I used to post several times a day and it's down to once a day or twice a day now

I've grown lazy


Jack said...

It is like anything else, it ebbs and flows.