Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Handy produce price converter

A useful tip for new American olim, or any Israelis with relatives in the U.S. (or vice versa):

Having trouble working out how much you're really paying for cucumbers in Israel? Dying to brag to your American parents about how cheap watermelons were last July?

Kilograms and shekels need confound you no longer! Due to a magical coincidence, converting produce prices between Israel and the U.S. is quick and easy!

Try this:

$0.10 / lb = NIS 1.00 / kg

That is, one dollar per pound in the US is approximately equal to ten agorot per kilo in Israel.

Four shekels / kilo for cucumbers? That's 40 cents a pound.

(Approximately, since the exchange rate varies. Currently, with the exchange rate at 4.43, it's closer to 97 agorot / kg for 10 cents / lb.)

Math wizzes can read on for the simple explanation:

1 dollar = 4.5 shekels (approx.)

1 lb = 0.454 kg

Thus 1 dollar / lb = 10 shekels / kg

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