Thursday, December 23, 2004

Bearly in agreement

Odd. After I take issue with many of DovBear's recent arguments about Jews and Christianity, he writes that I "[agree] with most all of [his] central points."

Let's see. I agree with the following of DB's positions:

  • Christianity is based on false beliefs and is heretical according to Judaism

  • Jews are not enriched by the public worship of Christianity

Meanwhile, I disagree with him on the following:

  • Contemporary American Christianity is tantamount to idol-worship

  • Christians are always and everywhere our enemies

  • Jews should hate Christians and work for the downfall of Christianity

  • The only options for the American state are secular liberalism or Christian theocracy

  • American society would be better off banning all religious expression from the public square

  • The public expression of generic Christianity is a threat to American Jews

  • American Jews should be active in supporting the secularization of American public life

  • Devout American Christians pose a threat to the interests of American Jews

  • It is wrong for Jews to cooperate with Christian groups on matters of mutual interest

Yup. Sounds like we're right on the same page.

Then, cleverly, he retroactively anticipates a question I implicitly raised myself in the post he was responding to: Why did I bother to answer him?

Duh! He asked me to, didn't he?

Sheesh! You just can't please some people!

Along the way, he calls my response "long and boring". He may have a point there. For my next blog, I'll be a hassidic ba'al teshuvah from Italy, struggling with his continued passion for his Catholic wife and kids, and fearful of reprisals from his in-laws, who have connections with the Sicilian mafia. What happens when the Besht meets the Godfather?


DovBear said...

You're not summarizing my views with any accuracy.

The readers (all three of them) can decide.

Zman Biur said...

Sorry. I tried.

Soccer Dad said...

I think I've seen similar efforts by DB. He latches onto one or two things to show that someone agrees with him or concedes his points and the (DB) disregards the rest. I don't think that you're the one who's inaccurate.