Sunday, February 27, 2005

Coming up soon: Women and Torah reading

No time to post today. Sneak preview, though: Tomorrow, I hope to write about last night's study evening at Kehillat Yedidya in Jerusalem. Esteemed scholars Rabbi Yehuda Henkin and Rabbi Prof. Daniel Sperber discussed their positions regarding whether women can receive aliyot and participate in the Torah reading at an otherwise-standard Orthodox minyan. (Note: This is not about separate women's prayer groups.)

You can get a head start on the topic by finding the essays by Mendel Shapiro (and response), Rabbi Henkin and Rabbi Sperber in back issues of The Edah Journal. Other reactions to the articles can be found here.

(The next post on this topic can be found here.)


Gil Student said...

See also RY Henkin's posted at available from this webpage

Zman Biur said...

Thanks, Gil.

Here are links to R' Henkin's responsum and the web page.