Monday, February 07, 2005

The Patriots - Israel's NFL team

Jerusalem Post sportswriter Steve Leibowitz explained yesterday why Israelis should support the New England Patriots:

Soon after his New England Patriots play in Super Bowl XXXIX Sunday night in Jacksonville, Florida, team owner Robert Kraft will visit Israel to see the Grand Re-opening of Kraft Family Stadium in Jerusalem.

Mr. Kraft and his wife Myra will take part in the February 23 ceremony that will mark the completion of a $500,000 project whose focus is installing artificial grass, the top-of-the-line Fieldturf, in Israel's only American football facility. ...Kraft Family Stadium... has become home to a 70-team, 900-player flag-football program in the heart of Israel's capital.

The Patriots' owner and his wife are also deeply invested in Israel's economy, and the future and well-being of the Jewish state. Robert Kraft is the primary shareholder of the $40-million Carmel Container Systems in Caesarea, the largest export packaging plant in the country. The company provides jobs for hundreds of Israeli workers.

Mrs. Kraft visits the country several times each year and is directly involved in assisting numerous Israeli welfare projects relating to women in distress, new immigrants, and quality of life.

Unfortunately, I missed last night's game (this morning, really - it started at 1:30am!), since this year it wasn't carried on Israel's basic cable service. Maybe I can still watch it on tape.

Update: I just noticed that Am Echad already blogged this article.

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