Sunday, March 13, 2005

Pre-Purim Jewish Raves

Latest Jewish Raves... Pre-Purim Edition

13/14 0:00 AM Israellycool: Polls open: Adar I or Adar II?
13/14 0:00 AM Bloghead: My Dad and I run the überblog. Keep drooling!
13/14 0:00 AM AJHistory by Menachem Butler: Rabbi Feivel Q. Brockowitz, "Lone Mohel" of Sioux City, 1927-1929
13/14 0:00 AM The Godol Hador: Flotsam-Jetsons Theory
13/14 0:00 AM Hirhurim - Musings: New Book: Introduction to a Prolegomenon to the Preliminary Study of Normative Halakhic Theology
13/14 0:00 AM A Simple Jew: What Am I Talking About?
13/14 0:00 AM Life in the Ghetto: New shul mattirs Eiruv, assurs Tube - how will I get to the shidduch?
13/14 0:00 AM YudelLine: YudelLine - The new Protocols?
13/14 0:00 AM Cross-Currents: Real Hareidim don't use the Internet
13/14 0:00 AM jewishwhistleblower: Confessed scumbag sheltering pedophilic gangsters in rabbinical corruption case... I forget which...
13/14 0:00 AM Blog in Dm: Forgettable new release by Shoeshine Boys
13/14 0:00 AM Rua da Judiaria: Eu não falo o português
13/14 0:00 AM The Town Crier: Waaaaaaaaahhhhhh! Boohoohooo! Sob, sob, sob...
13/14 0:00 AM Smooth Stone: Israel is in even worse danger than last time Israel was in danger
13/14 0:00 AM Chayyei Sarah: SJF, 32, MO blogging journalist, ISO SJM blogger who isn't a jerk and who I haven't already been set up with
13/14 0:00 AM Soccer Dad: Kayin and Heveil - was it terrorism? Mayor O'Malley says no!
13/14 0:00 AM //Comment This Out: C code. C code run. Run, code, run!
13/14 0:00 AM Dov Bear: Ha! Bush sucks! Down with GOP Jews!
13/14 0:00 AM News for Members of the Tribe: HAMAN, AHASUERUS ACCUSED OF ANTI-SEMITISM
13/14 0:00 AM Mis-Nagid: You don't really believe this Torah nonsense, do you?
13/14 0:00 AM Cong Ahavas Yisroel of Kew Gardens Hills: Mazal Tov on Disengagement: Hindenburg and Messerschmidt
13/14 0:00 AM EXCLUSIVE: Lubavitcher Rebbe Is Still Dead!

(With apologies to all.... Purim headlines I missed are welcome in the comments!)


Soccer Dad said...

You asked for it.

DovBear said...

Kol hakovod chabibi.

There's more to DovBear than Bush-bashing, by the way.

The Town Crier said...

Jewschool: New Canadian Israeli American Western Style Jazz Hip-Hop Klezmer Thumping Barenaked Swedish Yekkish Aracnaphobic Acquatic Garage Band To Preform Debut Jam Session in Old City Back Alley In Three Months!

Renegade Rebbitzen: This will be my final post. I hate my life. Goodbye cruel world.

Kumah: Move To Israel Now Or Suffer Eternal Purgatory, You Spoiled American Brats!

Protocols: Sorry Jack, Chuckie's Back! Muwhahahaha!

The Village Idiots: See Protocols

CampusJ: New Blogger at Nassau Community College and the Chubb Institute of Bergen County!

Ganchrow World View: Please Read My Blog, I wanna Be Relevant Again!

Velevel: My Band Had Show, 30 People Came and I So Rocked!

MoChassid: My Shul Is the Bestest

Chakira: YU Sucks, Let Me Tell You Why

DovBear said...

MoChassid: hmmmm Cholent.

Noa: I am SO enagaged. (Did I mention I'm engaged) That's right baby I'M ENAGAGED

Zman Biur: Not about Pesach. Not about Chumetz. Not about anything.

Dave at IsraellyCool: Man, I hate Arabs.

JewSchool: Bigger... and better... than YOU.

Godol Hador: If the Gedolim were to reform themselves, what the hell would I talk about?

Tzemach Atlas said...


Zman Biur said...

Kol hakovod chabibi.


There's more to DovBear than Bush-bashing, by the way.

Consider yourself flattered that I couldn't come up with a better joke.

MoChassid said...

I don't even like chulent. Potato kugel and chicken soup, on the other hand, rock.

Mark said...

Mazal Tov to Biur Chametz on a funny post. May we be zoche to share many simcha moments together.

Cong Ahavas Yisroel

Zman Biur said...

MOChassid and Mark,

The commenting congregation is invited to a kiddush after services.

Elder of Ziyon said...

I'm gonna have to get myself a personality so people can make fun of me, too.

marcel said...

write to great personnalities!
i post your letter on